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Posts from the ‘YouTube’ Category

STEMbite: Dealing with Friction

July 24th, 2013


Friction is an essential part of everyday life. From walking down the street to playing cards, friction makes it possible.

Check out this STEMbite video that explores just how amazing this incredibly ordinary force can be.


EduTubers To Watch

July 22nd, 2013


YouTube is full of great educational content. You can learn just about anything from just about anyone. Many of the most popular EduTuber Channels (Vsauce, Veritsaium, and SciShow) are related to science and technology.

As a new EduTuber myself, I’ve been exploring some up and coming educational YouTube channels in an effort to find some new friends.

Here are three awesome YouTube channels that I’ve discovered recently. I respect each of these channels for a different reason, but I would love to meet the minds behind each one.

SmarterEveryDaySmarter Every Day represents a fascinating mix of topics ranging from guns to bugs to space. Destin, the show’s host, is an absolute genius who clearly practices what he preaches: “In a world of talkers, be a thinker and a doer.”
MelodyShadowMelody Sheep I first encountered this channel’s tribute to Carl Sagan “A more glorious dawn” and proceeded to show it to every student and every class I ever taught thereafter. This is why autotune was invented!
coolschoolCool School is a totally ridiculous channel. At first, you just wonder if they are a little amateurish, then you realize that they are and that it’s hilarious. This channel is sure to keep the toddlers and the adults both entertained.
I have a feeling this list is going to continue to grow, but for now, check out these three videos – a sample from my three new favorite channels.